Hardwood Floor Finishes


Finish the job right.

Different woods and color take hardwood floor finishes differently. We show you what is best for the look you are trying to achieve.

We prefer to use a water based finish instead of oil. Oil based finishes tend to “amber” (turn reddish-yellow) over time and could change the color of the flooring from what you desire.

“Semi-gloss,” and “satin” are subjective at best. Some Finishes may look glossier on Brazilian cherry than it does on yellow pine! While we do describe the sheen level of the products we use by using a “degree of gloss” scale, we encourage our customers to have us do a test area for their approval before doing the whole floor. The results are amazing when we show the customer what a great finish is about:

  • Gloss This finish has the look of glass or a “gym-floor”. On the gloss scale, it is an 85. While beautiful, it will show scratches the quickest.
  • A Semi-Gloss Finish We can put a 55-degree sheen level on the floor which has a “medium” or semi-gloss look. We recommend this product as the first coat for ANY floor finishing job. Used alone, (2-3 coats) it will give most floor surfaces a shiny but not “glaring” appearance. It is by far our most popular floor finish.
  • A Satin Finish 25-degree sheen level offers a “subdued” level of gloss. There is a sheen but with very little reflection. Newly formulated for those who are looking for a subdued look on floors. Popular choice for “character” floors.
  • Matte is slightly below Satin on the gloss scale and is the most resistant to scratches.

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