Installing Hardwood Floors

Installing A Hardwood Floor - ConstructionHardwood floor installation in Westchester New York, Fairfield County and Northern New Jersey featuring inlays, borders using exotic woods decorative inlays.

F&L Floorworks is Westchester New York, Fairfield County and Northern New Jersey premium service provider installing, refinishing and repairing your custom hardwood floors, laminates & inlays.

Your hardwood floor is the foundation of your home’s interior. Everything else is built upon the structural integrity and beauty of your floor. When it comes time to install your hardwood floor you want it done once and you want it done right. That’s what we specialize in at F&L Floorworks.

Installing hardwood floors requires a few things to come together for a successful floor; a sound sub-floor, sound materials and sound installation crews. Here are a few points of information you should know.

Good Floors Start With Flat Concrete

Most poured concrete slabs are very uneven, with dips and bumps that could interfere with a good installation. The concrete should be flat to l/8″ in any 10 foot span. Concrete slab preparation is usually necessary to ensure a flat surface for a wood floor to be installed over. This is especially important to glue down floors.

Ground Contact Moisture Needs To Be Prevented

When installing solid, nail-down floors, placing plastic and roofing felt over the slab first will prevent ground contact moisture. Some factory-made engineered wood products come with a lifetime warranty, even when installed directly to grade slabs.

Good Quality Materials

The old saying “You get what you pay for” is especially true when selecting materials for a new installation. F&L Floorworks buys only top quality materials for its jobs, unless a lesser grade floor is requested for design purposes. Make sure you see a finished sample of what you want on the wood you have before any work is done in your house.